Thousands of American Workers Replaced By Foreigners


Thousands of American workers were laid-off by the American companies, to recruit foreign nationals on temporary visas; such corporations are under scrutiny from lawmakers.

Corporate companies effectively used loopholes in the immigration system and displaced thousands of American workers.

The corporate companies are firm in defending their practices before people and Congress and displaced workers are also silent who lost jobs to outsourcing companies.

The displaced American workers are coming forward now, to share their opinion, despite the severance agreement with the former employers of criticizing them.

The New York Times report described the example of former Abbott Laboratories employee Marco Pena, who was laid off in April by the health care giant.

Pena, who did not sign the agreement that includes no disparagement clause, cost him USD 10,000. All the departed employees must sign the agreement.

The report revealed that all the major political parties of the Congress questioned the no disparagement agreements, which prohibit workers to raise complaints against the employers.

The Lawmakers Richard Durbin and Jeff Sessions have proposed change in the policies that allows the laid-off employees to question their employers.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, said “I have heard from workers who are fearful of retaliation,”

“They are told they can say whatever they want, except they can’t say anything negative about being fired.”

Senator Durbin criticized no disparagement clause and said it was “overly broad.”

Professor Hal Salzman, a labor force expert at Rutgers University, said that in last five years, American corporations used these loopholes and replaced thousands of American workers by foreigners on skilled visas and temporary visas.


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