CANADA: The Land of Opportunities for Skilled Migrants


Even though there has been a constant inflow of current abiding occupants trooping into Canada from the United States, there has been a marked rise of the total involvement in the lasting migration schemes in Canada among citizens of the United States in the past few months. A string of factors may be behind this phenomenon, which includes governmental, societal and economical improvements that are already taking place.

As such, workers from foreign nations such as the United States on work visas tend to migrate to Canada.

People who do not yet have such visas but anticipate the acquisition of work permits are starting to look to Canada as a place to take up permanent residency also.

Workers on work visas tend to be well read and have a strong command of the English language. They also have work experience and a rich curriculum vitae and resume.

A lot of holders of H-1B visas work with huge corporations that have a broad audience in Canada already, something that has been an enticing factor in them getting a job in Canada. Also, a lot of them are young with their ages between 20 and 39 years. As studies have shown, these reasons can significantly payoff in Canada’s migration scheme.

Take as a case study a single 28-year-old work permit holder with a strong background in the English language, a 4-year bachelor’s degree certificate, and about two years of work experience.

This individual would bailable to apply for Canada’s straight immigration scheme via the Well-trained workers class. In this system, the individual would be given around 436 points. These points are awarded for a ranking system. In the latest of many draws from a sea of qualified persons for the Express visa scheme, 436 points would have been just about enough for the individual to be given an invitation to make application for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Also, a hypothetical 37-year-old person with a Master’s and four or more years of work experience, with a substantial depth in the English language would be eligible to get a permit in the latest draws. An offer to work is not necessary for an employee to come to Canada via the express entry.

However, an offer like that is given extra points.

Take the case of a 45-year-old with a Master’s, solid foundation in English, six years’ work experience and a request from Canada to come work in the country. Such an individual would be eligible to take part in a draw scheduled for the 1st of March.


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