4000 Students Attend US Student Visa Day Programme


The United States Embassy in all the major cities, including the national capital of India, organized second annual student visa day for Indian students. Such events will strengthen the US ties with India, which is the second largest promoter of students to the US for higher education.

More than 4000 students attended the event and filed applications for US student visa. US embassies organized for the students in Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkatta, and Mumbai.

U.S. Embassy ChargĂ© d’Affaires Michael P. Pelletier “When students from different countries and cultural backgrounds study together, they exchange new ideas, break down stereotypes and gain knowledge of different cultures.”

The representatives of the consular provided insights to Students on higher education and answered their queries.

Indian students looking for the United States’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics study programs are quite high. Presently, 132, 000 students are studying in the US Universities, the student visa applications from India increased by 29% over previous year.


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