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Trump’s Immigration Plan will not Reduce the Number of Legal Immigrants

The President has approved efforts made by President Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner to overhaul the current Immigration system in America. According...

US to seek Public Opinion on Proposal to Revoke H-4 visa

The H-4 visa is usually issued to the spouses or children of holders of H-1B visa who are less than 21 years old. The...

US Universities hold roadshows to lure Indian Students to US

The aspiring students who seek to make a lucrative career in the US can still keep that vision going, as foreign universities of the...

The Roots of US Immigration Policy

Migration bans, sending individuals back to their country and crackdown of undocumented migrants in the middle of the night are frequently in the news...

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown is Hurting US Farms

In approximately 60 days since current president Donald Trump took the oath of office and ascended the seat of power, migration officers have upped...


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