Immigrants To Canada Aged Below 22 At An Advantage

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Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants worldwide. Not only does it have immigrant-friendly policies, but it also one of the fastest growing countries globally.

More and more people are beginning to eye Canada as a hub for young professionals now that the US visa policies are undergoing so many changes.

This recent development will only increase Canada’s popularity among the younger generation. If you are below 22 years of age and want to immigrate to Canada, you will be at an advantage. Starting from 24th October 2017, Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship began considering them as dependents. This rule will be valid for all the immigration programs it offers. The change also accommodates migrants and economic programs.

For the last three years, only children who were aged nineteen and below had been given the privilege of being dependents for immigration programs. In the current scenario, anyone below the age of twenty-two can have this upper hand. In certain exceptional cases, the country is ready to consider people above twenty-two as dependents as well.

The higher age limit is expected to affect both the culture and the economy of the country in a positive manner. More and more skilled migrants who want to stay with their family will flock to Canada.

Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration in Canada, expects that this move will unite more families while helping Canada progress economically.

This initiative is equally beneficial for immigrants and the country and that is what makes its formulation so perfect.