Egypt Avails E-visa Offers; Boosts Tourism

Source: Daily Times Nigeria

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Egypt’s President, announced on December 3, 2017, that the country will start issuing e-visas to boost tourism. He made the announcement during the Cairo ICT 2017 conference on Sunday. The online portal will be in passport, immigration and nationality offices. The tourists will get the visa after paying online using the barcode given to them.

After Egyptian authorities approve the visa application, the tourists will receive the e-visa on their mail. During the conference, al-Sisi took part in a video conference as Beni Suef unveiled his technology park. After the opening, Beni Suef discussed with him the possible outcomes of the technology park. al-Sisi also went to Assiut to inaugurate an electronic devices factory. During the conference, he also caught up on the recent progress of Sadat city’s technology parks.

One of his major announcements was declaring the World Radiocommunication Conference will be held in Egypt in 2019. He acknowledged the country’s efforts on developing its information technology industry. Even though the IT sector is just growing in Egypt, it is the basis of the African country’s digital transformation.

Source: Daily Times Nigeria

A nation of rich history

Egypt is a northeastern African country known for its pharaohs and the Great Pyramid. Even though it stands in ruins today, the country was one of the richest nations in the world. It didn’t grow with technology. However, the latest government is trying its best to overcome the obstacles and create a name in the modern world of technology.

Until now, Egypt has attracted a limited number tourist, especially those visiting Saudi Arabia for Umrah. Egypt is a place of strong religious significance in Islam. The country now wants to expand to businessmen and leisure travelers. The e-visa system is a good way to boost tourism as it makes things convenient and easy.