Australia Provisional Visas: What You Need to Know


As per news from the Australian Immigration Department, immigrants may now will have to get a provisional visa before they start staying in Australia permanently on a permanent visa. They came to this point via a visa transformation discussion.

So, after this amendment, immigrants may now need to spend time with their mandatory provisional visa and then apply for a permanent one before start residing permanently there. A study has shown that application for permanent visas has been grown by a huge amount in last two years. This provision is being taken to facilitate the most deserving candidates as per the eligibility criteria.

Hence, this provisional visa will not be applicable for migrants from UK, US or Netherlands. As those countries has more formal process to evaluate the number of people, who wants to stay permanently in Australia.

According to, most of the immigrants, it will be hard for immigrants to stay in a temporary visa and wait for a permanent one. As most of the services provided by the government to its resident, are not provided to temporary visa holders. Staying there with a temporary visa, then get a permanent one, must be challenging one, and reduce the number of immigrants to Australia.

Many socialists have opposed this decision. According to them, this will create an unnecessary division between immigrants and Australian citizens.

Apart from that, The Australian Immigration Department has also decided to cut down the types of visa from 99 to only 10. However, you can submit your view regarding these changes here: