4 Common Myths About Studying Abroad Busted


Have people often scared you about studying abroad and how torturous it is? Well, they often forget that it is the 21st century. And these are the people who have even left their state. You don’t have to worry about these people and trust your instincts.

Deccan Chronicle


Today we will tell you some common myths about studying abroad and how wrong they are:

1. Studying abroad is an expensive matter

Now that purely depends where you study. Europe and Russia are pretty cheap and some countries even don’t charge a single penny. New Zealand and Australia are the costliest and Canada and the US are somewhere in the middle.

2. There are barely any scholarships

Local and international students both can take benefit of scholarships. They can either be sponsored by the government or the university. Well, you have to work hard initially to get the scholarships. They are either merit-based or you have to give an examination for it.

3. You can only get the best education in Europe

First of all, who told you that? Haven’t you heard about progressive nations like Canada and the US or Argentina and Australia? There are plenty career opportunities. In fact, most of these countries excluding European countries have a two year stay back work visa, which lets you work for two years after completing post graduation.

4. Employers back home don’t value an international degree

Employers are in fact looking for people with an international degree. These graduates have international knowledge and experience and are a valuable asset of the company. So if you don’t get a job in the country you are studying, you can always apply back home and get a high-paying job.

If you have decided in your mind that you want to study abroad, don’t let anyone’s thoughts infect yours. Be firm on your decision. It will no doubt be difficult, but absolutely worth it in the end.