4 Awesome Reasons To Study in the UK

united kingdom
Source: Bugeja Geopolitical Consulting

Many people dream of completing higher education in the United Kingdom. British universities come in the top 10 rankings all across the globe. Even though the cost of living is higher than in any other countries, you receive a lot more in the United Kingdom than just theoretical education.

united kingdom
Source: Bugeja Geopolitical Consulting

Are you still looking for reasons to study in the UK, here are some that will most definitely convince you:

1. High standards of teaching

The United Kingdom is known for its high standards of teaching which is absolutely crucial for a successful future. All universities have to follow rules and standards set by government to ensure quality education. Since India follows the British education system, Indian students have no difficulty in adjusting to the method and style of teaching.

2. Shorter duration of courses

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK are of a shorter duration that anywhere else in the world. This cuts down the tuition fees and living costs. Undergraduate courses are three years long and postgraduate courses are one year long. In countries like the USA and Canada, courses are four years long.

3. Flexible working hours

International students in the UK can work up to 20 hours a week during school and full time during holidays. This takes off the financial pressure from students. A student can also assist a professor in research and earn through that as well.

4. Travel goals

United Kingdom is a part of Europe, one of the most beautiful continents on earth. It is made up of many tiny nations. Traveling from UK to these nations is comparatively easy because the costs are lower. So when it is holiday time, you can go travel with your friends and tick all those places off your bucket list.

United Kingdom also has a large Indian community, so you will not feel homesick or lonely.